Support Local

We understand and respect the need to support our local economy. According to the American Independence Business Alliance, every $1.00 spent at a nationwide chain store, only about $0.13 stayed in the local economy.  However, every $1.00 spent at a locally owned and operated business, about $0.45 stayed in the local economy.  Local industry supports employment, income, and output in our communities. 


Although we are just begininng, we are approaching our business with our community and local economy in mind. Our ogranic fertilizer utilizes local livestock waste. The network of professionals who support the business aspect of our company are all local members of our community.  In addition to our current hop fields, we will establish a test plot in collaboration with other local hop farmers and breweries to test the feasbility of new hop varieties in our area.  As we continue to grow we will remain committed, and plan to expand our involvment and support of our local community.  



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